About the journal

People usually are so caught up in the rush of their lives that they have lost the ability to stop, notice, and appreciate the beauty of the small things around them.

This journal helps train your brain to notice and consciously perceive these little magic things, the so-called “collateral beauty” of our existence.

It allows you to enrich the simple experience of living and fill your days with an abundance of gratitude and overall joy.

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This is not your typical gratitude journal…

Here you will find my personal list of little reasons that make life worth living.

In the second half, you will have space to write up to 500 of the tiny ounces of magic that light up your days.

It is up to you to fill the rest of the journal with the art you notice in your life.

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Your space to write up to 500 of your personal reasons that make life worth living!

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Why was this journal created?

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25. When it rains ​with the sun out;

About two years ago, I read a book.

It was one of those real and beautiful books, the kind that isn’t extraordinary- a simple story about simple people.

The kind of book that makes you feel human.

With that story, I fell in love with the concept of “collateral beauty” and the idea that things are beautiful only if we give them that meaning.

Does objective beauty truly exist?

Can’t anything be beautiful if we decide that it is?

For me, collateral beauty means exactly this: it consists of the small things that aren’t special or significant for everyone, but only to those who attach that meaning to them.

I wanted to learn to be more grateful and this ​exercise of “noting and writing down” has helped ​me practice simple gratitude.

To quote Friedrich Nietzsche, the essence of all ​art, all great art, is gratitude.

I believe that pausing our frantic lives to simply ​notice beauty is an act of gratitude.

I have learned that life is so much more peaceful ​and fulfilling when you know how to see and ​consciously perceive the details - not everything ​is about the big picture.

29. Waking up early ​to see the sunrise;

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350. Sunflowers ​that love the sun ​even though it ​burns them;

After having started writing down my list, ​whenever I felt upset or distant from myself, I ​would think of a random number and read the ​corresponding “reason” from my diary.

This, in some way, helped me ground myself, it ​helped me feel more human.

It takes courage to open yourself up this much ​and I admit that I’m proud of having shared this ​part of myself.

Now that you have gotten to know me a little, I ​hope this journal inspires you to get to know ​yourself as well.

Thank you.

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